Foot In The Door Alumni: Grace Barnes

What was your path to Foot In The Door?

I studied Media Production at Aquinas College in Stockport. After completing the course in 2019 I struggled to get a job in the industry because I didn’t have any experience. Formal education has never worked for me so I didn’t feel university was an option. I was thinking about giving up on a career in media because it felt like no one wanted me and then The Andy Taylor Foundation and Foot In The Door came along.

What was it like on the bootcamp and on your internship?

It was not a typical course where you just learn the technical aspects of production and media. It really helped to have a smaller cohort and that we got to know the course leaders and masterclass speakers so well. It felt very personal. As well as the technical and professional skills we all need to do our respective professions, we also learnt so many more life and social skills. The bootcamp and internship taught us how to actually get a job. It was an environment where we could follow our passions and our dreams to get to where we want to be.

What has happened since you completed Foot In The Door?

My placement was at LADbible doing video editing. It was great working with others to source a story, collaborate with contributors and edit it to create the narrative and produce the video. During the internship, videos I edited were receiving millions of views and I received great feedback about the speed and quality of my edits. As soon as the internship came to an end I was offered the role of Junior Video Editor at LADbible and I haven’t looked back!

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