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Are you an established industry professional with knowledge, skills and wisdom to impart? We’re always looking for more mentor role models to join us! You will work closely with a thoughtfully paired young person to help them build confidence, give constructive feedback and support them in navigating their way into roles that meet their strengths.

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“When you have access, you don’t realise it’s a privilege. You struggle to get ahead and, rightly or wrongly, you like to think that any success you enjoy is a reward for your own hard work and talent. You might acknowledge that luck contributed something to your career race but you never stop to wonder what would have happened if you hadn’t been able to get to the starting line in the first place. Andy’s vision was pretty straightforward: help promising people without any contacts, connections or contextual experience get to that starting line and beyond. Mentoring an ATF alumnus taught me how hard it is to get there unaided - and, somewhat uncomfortably, how comparatively easy it is for people with an in or the ‘right’ background. More importantly, it taught me that the people Andy wanted to help generally have a much deeper appreciation of the opportunities that access will provide and will therefore do their utmost to take full and lasting advantage of it.”

James O’Brien, Broadcaster & Author. Mentor to Divine Vika.



In need of inspiration? A few previous challenges are shown below. Check out other fundraisers on our Crowdfunder page.

previous challenges.


A team of 30 people from Little Dot Studios, History Hit and the Andy Taylor Foundation took on the “10 Peaks” challenge in the Lake District on 3rd June 2023. Through Crowdfunder supporters, together with match funding from Little Dot Studios, they raised a spectacular £11,448!

Check out this incredible film of the challenge, made by Tom Kitto (, who somehow managed to walk the 10 Peaks carrying all his filming kit! The scenery and drone shots are breathtaking.

10 Peaks Challenge Photo 9

The trek covered an epic 17 mile hike across ten iconic peaks, taking around 12 hours on average, led by Activus Outdoors. It included over 2,250 metres of ascent and, of course, the equally knee trembling decent. The team was to walk a combined total of around 500 miles and over 1 million steps! They trained hard and took copious amounts of food, water, energy drinks, medical supplies… and bananas… with them. They woke early to start the first climb at 7am. As it was the UK's warmest June on record, for safety reasons they were given the option of 6 or the full 10 Peaks. After 27km, a few injuries and the unseasonably soaring temperatures, the team all reached the finish line, triumphant.

Many of the team were young people who had already battled their way into media jobs. The work of the Andy Taylor Foundation therefore resonated strongly with them and helped drive them up the peaks. Could you form our next fundraising team doing something as amazing as this lot, helping us open doors to more young talent?

View our Crowdfunder page for more information

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10 Peaks Challenge Photo 12

Ten incredible boys, led by Andy’s 12 year old son Freddie, took on the Lidl Mudder ’22 to raise funds for the Andy Taylor Foundation and commemorate his dad’s birthday. With an initial target of £500, thanks to the incredible generosity of Andy Taylor Foundation supporters, Freddie and his team raised £10,078!


Freddie and his team took on the gruelling obstacle course in the blazing hot sun on 14 August 2022. All ten amazing and very sweaty boys finished the race! Knowing the incredible amount of money pledged helped them push round the last section. To everyone who pledged money, Freddie wrote

“I feel really, really proud of what you helped me and my friends achieve for other talented young people who deserve a chance… I know my Dad would have been buzzing. Thank you so, so much.”

View our Crowdfunder page for more information


With the Andy Taylor Foundation as his chosen charity, James O’Brien (broadcaster and author) took on the immense challenge of Celebrity Mastermind. With a specialist subject of the books of J.D. Salinger, James won!

Celeb RX 7_020 James O'Brien in chair + 'M' to right

You can watch his performance on BBC iPlayer

Celebrity Mastermind James O'Brien with trophy + set in background (1)


Financial donations and match funding are amazing. You can help by donating resources too though. Can you provide free masterclasses, mentorship or work placements? Do you have spare meeting space, facilities or equipment? Do you offer pro bono professional services? Let’s talk and get creative as to what we can achieve together.


With support of £1,000 and above, we will invite you to become a Latics All Star. Huge thanks to the generosity of our founding Latics All Stars.

Aniesa Blore, Robert & Gemma Boardman, Steven Brown, Jules & Cheryl Burns, Joe & Mel Conder, Dominic & Collette Cullen, Dwight & Alexia Cupit, Ruth Daniels & Mel Sims, Jean de Fougerolles, John & Emma Downing, Sarah & Tom Foster, Wayne & Tess Garvie, Jason George & Katrina Moran, Kevin & Ngawara Gibbons, Holly Graham, Sarah & Nick Greaves, Sophie & Luke Hakes, Vicky Hartley & David Broomhall, Noel Hayden, Tom & Emma Hemsley, Paul Hunt & Bea Hunt Montoya, Teun Johnston, Adam Jones, Dan Jones, Billy Macqueen, Robert Marsh, Ben & Michelle McOwen Wilson, Jamie Munro, James & Lucy O’Brien, Caroline & Tim Popham, Jade Raad, Dan Smith & Anna Chalker, Graham Stuart, Lara Taylor, Derek & Viv Taylor, Doug & Wendy Thomson, Selma Turajlic, Katie & Ben Walker, Paul & Gill Whitehead, and all our donors who wish to remain anonymous.


Our work would not be possible without the continued support of our friends in the media industry and other corporate supporters who donate their professional expertise and time. Thank you for your continued support.

Little Dot Studios, All3Media, Crowdfunder, Fremantle, Latham & Watkins, Ocean Outdoor, Brewdog and the very many people and organisations who have supported us with their guidance, expertise and time.